Day by day, you make your way….

I’m making incremental progress with the computer problems. I’ve got a new DVD drive in my #1 computer to replace the one that toasted with the old power supply and I’ve been able to get the #2 computer’s boot drive reformatted, wiping out the old WinServer2003 installation.

Funny thing, though. This is the computer I’d been using for a few years for my Wonderware work computer. It’d BSOD on me occasionally and then with increasing frequency until by the time I stopped using it, it’d be BSODing 4-5x/day. I’d been thinking it might’ve been the RAM going bad somewhere, but I hadn’t done much about it.

I had it BSOD on me again earlier today when I was installing Windows from the CD. Okay, no problem, I got it restarted and it’s working now, sorta, but I was having some problems getting it to recognize the MS Mouse off the USB ports. I got a msg that the USB ports weren’t being recognized correctly. NOOOOOOOO problem, I’m now up and running and can reboot this computer happily.

While I was booting it, I went into the BIOS to change the boot order so it’d hit the hard disk first and not the CD. Plugged that info in, and hit F10 to save, pressed Y and then ENTER, and BLAM! DOS/ASCII garbage on the screen.

Gee, that doesn’t sound like a RAM problem, I said, that sounds like some kind of a CMOS/motherboard problem.

I tried to change the boot sequence in the BIOS again and at the same point I got EXACTLY the same DOS/ASCII garbage on the screen. Even with the same colors on the characters.

So, I’m going to identify if this is the motherboard or something repairable. If worse comes to worst, I can always buy a new mobo for this tower for $50-60 and plug in the CPU chip and I’ll be in good shape.

What’s nicest about all of this is that I’m now solving problems on the #2 computer, because the #1 computer is actually up and running still. Hot damn!

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