Management and Executive

Setting Up a Technical Publications Department

You’re a new manager and your first job is to hire some people and set up a department. Now what? Here’s how.

Project Management for Technical Publications Managers

There are some basic problems that all Technical Publications managers have to deal with. This topic will show you some simple and effective tools for tracking resources and projects.

How to Hire a Winner

No matter what kind of group you’re managing, from janitors to developers to executives, hiring good employees is a challenge. This presentation describes how to identify winners who will add to your team and make everyone’s job a little better.

Asking the Right Question

Too many people set themselves up for failure by looking at things the wrong way. Here’s a simple and effective way to shift your thinking around to provide you with an unlimited number of possible solutions.

A Dozen Great Myths about New Technology

Managers and executives are bombarded with information about new technologies and what it can mean to them and their companies. Unfortunately, new technology is frequently surrounded by hype, misperceptions, and outright lies that make it harder for us to use it effortlessly. This presentation cuts through some of the fog by discussing twelve of the most popular myths of new technology.

Everything You Need to Know About Managing in a Nutshell

Being a good manager is pretty simple… but it’s not easy for some people. This presentation provides tips on the very few rules that will make you respected by your employees.

How to Choose a Software Solution for Your Company

The costs of choosing the wrong solution can be enormous, making the process of choosing a technical solution for use throughout the company a stressful job. This topic presents a process that eliminates most of the guesswork and maximizes your chances of success.

Time Management

None of us has “enough” time, so it behooves us to manage our time effectively.

How to Be Famous in Your Profession

Fame in one’s profession can be a valuable commodity… and it’s a lot easier to attain than you might think. This presentation gives you a variety of ways to become famous in your profession, as well as a cautionary note on the results.

Creative Latitude

Managers and executives in charge of development teams, writers, marketing teams, and other creative workers need to let the teams be creative while keeping the output flowing in ways that reasonably meet the client’s requirements. This presentation shows you how to give your teams the most latitude for creativity while still keeping them focused on what needs to be done.

“But I Was Trying to Buy Flowers!”

Setting User Expectations Appropriately This was written after dealing with a misleading website. The presentation discusses how to set user expectations by clearly communicating what you’re selling your readers and viewers.Add Description here

How to Be Immortal

A motivational topic, this presentation talks about finding what you need to be doing as part of the Great Work and how to leave your mark on the world.