Book blurbs

Sorry for the gap in posts. This new job is an all-consuming thing at times! I’m reading lots of stuff on my own time and working hard during the week. It’s fun, exciting, and very busy. And it’s taken me a while to get settled in the new apartment in Beaverton. I drive home to Eugene on the weekends, but it’s not as restful as just being there, of course.

Here’s a lovely article about writing book blurbs. Although this is for fiction, it’s worth noting that the concepts are the same: you want to grab the reader’s attention and hold it, making them want to buy the book, take it home, and devour it.

When we are writing blurbs for non-fiction books, we’re not usually able to put a really compelling quote like “It shouldn’t be called ‘stalking’ if you’re really just trying to save someone,” (which is the opening line for a very good story I just heard about). But we can tell the reader why this book will answer questions about the topic that they hadn’t thought to ask and even pitch them on how this will make a positive difference in their effectiveness, their income stream, or their life.