A novel way of marketing (or a way of marketing novels)

People who enjoy fiction of all kinds should check out the Book View Café. To quote from their FAQ, the Book View Café is a cooperative site created by a group of writers who want to take advantage of the internet’s possibilities for reaching a wider audience and to distribute their work directly to their readers. There are many titles for sale, but there’s always some free, original fiction available for download. It’s a place that you need to look at for inexpensive, quality fiction.

Why am I bringing this up on a blog that’s focused on nonfiction? Well, apart from the fact that I think more people should buy fiction from the authors here, the BVC is a dazzlingly good idea for people who write and sell nonfiction, too. If you have a catalog of books, booklets, and brochures, you might consider creating a website that sells downloadable versions inexpensively and even gives some of them away. The value of a loss leader (that happens to talk about your other books on a page in the back with hot links) could be a lot, particularly if you’re writing books on related topics. You can use a giveaway ebook as a live marketing brochure that you’re guaranteed people will read.

Look carefully at the Book View Café website. It’s attractive and approachable. It’s also very easy to navigate. You could do far worse than to emulate what they’re doing. And while you’re there, consider buying an ebook or two!

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