Crawling into a hole

I’m in the latter half of the current book. There’s nothing much new about what I’m feeling right now on the current book in terms of the writing process for me, but I should mention that it’s still as much of a pest as the previous 26 books have been. Don’t get me wrong, I really like this job, but writing a book is always a PITA during parts of it no matter what. As I’ve said before, writing a book is like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer: it feels so good when you stop.

My process, as one of my co-authors recently reminded me, is to grind along on the first third of the book figuring out what I want to write, then I hit smooth sailing for most of the rest of it with a possible long chapter in the middle and a bump near the end of the road when I’m almost done. I am jamming out chapters right now and it feels bloody marvelous.

What I actually feel like right now (other than the enormous pressure to hit my deadline) is that I’ve got tunnel vision, rather literally. I’m not focusing on anything much except what’s right in front of me. There’s a pressure in my forehead and I don’t want to talk to people because it’ll shake me out of the writing reverie… and I really need that to help the words keep flowing. I’m thinking of little more than the stuff that I’m writing about. And I’m listening to a lot of music from Hearts of Space: drifty, non-vocal, background Nouveau Age stuff that doesn’t get in the way.

My sleep schedule’s getting strange, too. I’m drinking a lot more tea than coffee because I can keep drinking tea and don’t get as wired as I do on coffee. (Unsolicited plug here: I buy all my tea from Seattle Teacup, which is one of the premier tea stores in the Pacific Northwest. They do lots of mail order–how I usually get mine–and they’ve got a wider selection than I’ve seen anywhere else. If you want something interesting, delicate, and flavorful without being fruity or floral, let me recommend Queen Anne’s Treasure, which is what I’m drinking today.)

That’s probably all I have for the moment. I don’t want to stay away from the chapter too long or I’ll lose the flow.

2 Responses to “Crawling into a hole”

  1. Marilyn Woelk

    I love your description of the writing process. It is true! I am finishing a book, and have many more “books” in my head!

    I also really appreciate the tea shop suggestions. Is that the shop in Queen Anne? I have been to one there that was very good. I bought an unusual Earl Grey, but I can’t remember the name of it. It reminds me of the color purple. I think it had colored flowers in it (bluish purple and deep reddish pink) . We had it at a Christmas dinner, and everyone loved it. Well enough about tea, back to writing e-mails!

    • Yes, it almost certainly is. There are a couple of tea shops on Queen Anne hill, but this is the most noticeable. They’ve moved in the last few years, from a smaller store in the middle of a block to a large shop 2 blocks away that’s right at the main intersection that’s at the heart of the Queen Anne shopping area.

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