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I’m on the fly here, madly dashing hither and thither getting my book cover designed and finalized for the new book, while simultaneously trying to write it.

But I found a lovely place to look at for technical writing jobs, something that probably 95% of the people reading this blog can do. Not surprisingly, the site is named Get Technical Writing Jobs (thank you, Captain Obvious!) and it’s a fabulous site with information for all kinds of tech writing jobs all over the place. I recommend it. You can also follow @GetTechWritiJobs on Twitter, which I recommend you do.

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  1. All of the below positions can be found on Craigslist or through bid sites such as Elance. They may also be advertised on job sites and a quick search for the job title can tell you if anyone is hiring for them at the moment.

  2. I just played with it a bit, and found it rather frustrating! Many of the job posts went to another site that you had to pay for to use. And another I was going to apply for went to Job Fox, where I could not find the same position as I’d seen on the site you recommended…

  3. Tara: Thank you ~very~ much for your input. No, I didn’t try this site out beyond doing a brief romp around the site on the first few pages. I didn’t try looking at a specific job.

    I’m generally opposed to paying for job sites, on the grounds that I figure I’m a valuable commodity and should be pampered a little. 🙂 Seriously, if we’re qualified as writers and authors, we have value to someone. We’re not file clerks or ditch diggers; we have special skills that people are willing to pay for. I’m willing to let them do so.

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