Serial commas? Definitely!

I’ve always been a huge fan of serial commas, even before I knew what they were. It comes from growing up reading older books that all used serial commas religiously. There is a push by many to eliminate them as “unnecessary” and I disagree. It makes comprehension less clear for the reader. I’ve seen many examples of this, such as the classic apocryphal book dedication lacking a serial comma–“I’d like to thank my parents, Ayn Rand and God”–but this example adds a good visual element to drive the point home. Thanks to whatever uncited soul did this picture, btw; I found it on FB and I will gladly provide full credit and links to whomever did this in the first place.

Why you need the Oxford serial comma
Serial commas are a good thing!

The Double Tall Press website is up

This is only a preliminary website without any features yet, but you can see the Double Tall Press logo and get a little information about the Independence series that we’re starting with.

In fact, here’s what the logo looks like (although this is not the final colors):

Preliminary Double Tall Press logo